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It is to the distinctive compositional voice of Jan Dismas Zelenka that Ruben Jais and laBarocca turn for their latest release from the Glossa label with a new recording of the Missa Omnium Sanctorum.

For more than thirty years Zelenka worked as a composer and as a double-bass player at the Dresden Court, the musical establishment which – in the first half of the eighteenth century – was regarded as one of the glories of its age. Zelenka finished this mass, an expansive, dynamic multimovement work (notably the Gloria) scored for soloists, chorus and orchestra, in 1741; by this time the composer was in his sixties, and the mass stands as one of the summations of his creative endeavours.

The Milanese Ruben Jais – who has previously prepared programmes of Bach and Gluck for Glossa – provides exuberant conducting for music which takes in studied chordal sections, exhilarating fugues, High Baroque flourishes as well as the dance-like tendencies of the galant style.

In this musical diversity Ruben Jais is accompanied by a solo team consisting of Carlotta Colombo, Filippo Mineccia, Cyril Auvity and Lukas Zeman, but with more than important contributions being required from the choral and instrumental forces of laBarocca. Sleeve notes come courtesy of Raffaele Mellace.

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Recorded live at Festival Styriarte - June 2021

Dicono di me

  • Emiliano Michelon, OperaClick - 19/05/2019
    Ottimi anche i solisti: non si risparmia Carlotta Colombo (soprano), in quello che è il ruolo vocale più impegnativo della partitura come qualità e quantità, dimostrando un fraseggio agile e sicuro.
  • Redazione, Radio Classique - 19/04/2019
    Pour exprimer cette diversité musicale, Ruben Jais peut compter non seulement sur une équipe idéale de solistes – Carlotta Colombo, Filippo Mineccia, Cyril Auvity and Lukas Zeman – mais encore sur la contribution essentielle du chœur et des instrumentistes de laBarocca.
  • Brian Clark, Early Music Review - 06/04/2019
    Chorus and soloists alike revel in their music, and once again it is a question of energy – this is not music for the faint-hearted! In such a bright acoustic, the radiance of the voices is especially delightful – and what voices! The soloists are all outstanding.
  • Mario Chiodetti, La Prealpina - 16/10/2018
    Voce nitida, luminosa e intonatissima di Carlotta Colombo `{`…`}`
  • Emiliano Michelon, OperaClick - 13/10/2018
    Carlotta Colombo ha saputo sostenere con grazia la difficile parte vocale, dimostrando un’ottima dizione e un controllo della voce tanto nelle sezioni più agili quanto in quelle più recitative.
  • Gian Francesco Amoroso, Le Salon Musical - 10/09/2018
    Il soprano Carlotta Colombo, con voce limpida e dizione chiara restituisce un certo interesse a due pagine pressoché sconosciute, tramite un ricercato fraseggio e cura del particolare.<br /> Carlotta Colombo ha saputo proiettare la voce come si deve, risolvendo le ardue difficoltà di una scrittura particolarmente articolata che alterna frasi di spianata cantabilità a momenti di puro virtuosismo.

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